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Siseways Dis-inheritance Explained

Sideways dis-inheritance occurs when beneficiaries (most often children of a first marriage) do not inherit their intended share of an Estate due to remarriage.  Take as an example, a situation where you pass away and your partner re-marries and then passes away without making a Will (intestate). Your children’s intended inheritance is likely to pass to the new spouse’s family, leaving your children from your first marriage with nothing.

Another example is where you could be in a second relationship and only have basic Wills in place, leaving everything to each other and then the children.  If you pass away the surviving partner could change their Will and cut out your children altogether.

Another form of sideways dis-inheritance is when you gift something to your grown up child. If his/her marriage does not work out, they will lose half of what you have given them in the divorce proceedings.

Rest assured, with the correct planning, particularly the use of Trusts, all of the above scenarios can be avoided. Your lifetime's work can be passed onto your direct descendants securely and safely.

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