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Estate Planning With A Smile

Estate Planning doesn't have to be about doom and gloom. It's about passing down your stories and memories after you've caught the express train to the great beyond. So, take a moment to ponder your Legacy, share some laughs, and let's create a Plan that'll make your future self and your future generations proud.

Grab your reading glasses and join us as we navigate the quirky maze of Estate Planning, because leaving a Legacy should be exciting, not puzzling. 1. The Treasure Map: Your Will Think of your Will as the treasure map to your Estate. It's where you mark 'X' to indicate who gets your cherished collection of vintage action figures or that secret family recipe for the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Without a Will, your estate could end up turning into a real-life scavenger hunt for your loved ones. 2. The Time-Traveling Trusts Trusts are like time machines that let you secure Assets for your beneficiaries in the future. They're not just for millionaires. Setting up a Trust can help you avoid Probate, and ensure that your Estate is managed according to your wishes, even when you're sipping drinks in the great beyond. 3. Power of Attorney: Not a Magic Wand, But Close Have you ever wished you had a magical proxy to handle your affairs? Enter the Power of Attorney. Designating someone to make decisions on your behalf when you can't is like having a responsible wizard in your corner. Just remember, it's not about granting them magical powers, but legal ones. 4. Inheritance Tax - Why Pay More Tax Some people don't mind paying tax and we get that. But the truth is, the threshold of £325,000 has not been increased since 2009. Allowing for inflation, the real value of the threshold is around £220,000, the scoundrels at HMRC get you one way or another. Fear not, there are legitimate ways of mitigating IHT. it requires intricate Planning, but hey, where there's a will, there's a way. Here at Phoenix Estate Planning we believe in an informed, light hearted approach to what can be a difficult subject. So, dust off that treasure map, fire up your time-traveling Trust, and get ready to leave a Legacy that'll have your family and friends remembering you with a smile – minus the puzzles.

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